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Thank you for taking a little bit of your time to surf this website. In this website, I will share guides, tips, info and anything useful for website development as well as Internet marketing.

I, Aridz Ridzuan, have been in business and Internet marketing since 2006. Now, I am an Internet entrepreneur or full-time Internet entrepreneur. You can contact me through several mediums such as:


Whatsapp: +60105439787

In the hope that my partnership with Internet entrepreneurship will provide you with a bit of help to start an Internet business. Together we try to get to the stage of success.



The four basic components of IM

There are four basic components of Internet Marketing (IM) that need to be mastered by Online Marketing Entrepreneurs. It is:

  • Website / blog with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Website / Blog With SEO

Maybe when it says a website or blog everyone can understand but what is SEO? Here’s what we will discuss here. Website or blog we can develop by having domain and webhosting. SEO is a technique for raising the ranking of a website or blog to a top places of search engines. Examples of search engines are Google and Yahoo. SEO is a necessary knowledge and it is very important that our website or blog be the answer or problem solving to the searcher.

How to find the best domain and webhosting? If asked me, the domain may be we get the same as any registrar domain. Usually, people will use the .com domain. That’s what everyone wants when it wants to have a domain. Usually, the domain has two or three syllables. The best domain name is when we call it, people can spell the domain. If it’s too long or hard to spell, maybe no one can guess what the letters need to type in the search keyboard.

How to build a website? I suggest the best way is to use WordPress. WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) and its use is increasing. Many support plugins help make our website look attractive and functional. You can download the free wordpress + eMarketing guide here.



Currently, nearly 70% of people are surfing the Internet using mobile devices like smartphones and tabs. Therefore, we have to make sure our website can be seen perfectly in mobile. How, we need to make sure our website has a responsive element. To make our website have a responsive element, in wordpress we can use a theme or template that uses responsive. If in HTML, we can use bootstrap coding.

How can we contact someone quickly? Certainly through smartphones. However, people are difficult to answer every call. At present, people are more using text messaging than voice calls. Whatsapp is the most popular and popular app used. Of course, we can not refuse to use whatsapp in the Internet business.

Aside from using whatsapp directly through messages, we can build whatsapp groups. The Group can be our conference venue to explain our business. We can use whatsapp group to create presentations once or every two days.

Social Network

Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular social network applications used. Facebook may have become a habit for us to share text posts, pictures and videos. The Instagram app also uses images as post-medium. Every post must have a picture. The most important secret to getting a lot of feedback from Instagram is the hashtag. We must use the relevant hashtags to get more visitors or viewers. The example below is the related hashtag. We can put a maximum of 30 hashtags. This hashtag can also be used on Facebook.


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Instagram marketing tips

  • Put the best picture of yourself.
  • Profile description gives you important info.
  • URL addressed to your web / blog or your facebook (if no web / blog).
  • Follow your existing FB friends Instagram.
  • Get acquainted with people with your business / business equality.
  • Follow friends who like posting the individual.
  • You can follow up to a maximum of 7500 people.
  • Unfollow if the number is approaching 7500 people.
  • Put interesting posts in terms of pictures and videos.
  • Can put 60 seconds of video inside Instagram.
  • Can follow 160 people within an hour. More likely to block.
  • Use 30 hashtag # related to posts.
  • Tag @ the person in the post.
  • Like other people’s posts especially those who have low likes.
  • If you follow people, put your account as private.
  • If you post a post, put your account as public.
  • Send direct messages to someone you want to deal with.
  • We can manage more than one account in Instagram, add account.
  • Age up to 13 years old can use Instagram.
  • You can use Instagram autopost, Try 7 days free.
  • Search for more Website Development & Internet Marketing tips.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is aimed at building a commercial relationship with prospects or customers. We can get prospect info and also build our “list” or list so that we have a target group when promoting or providing info. There are two types of CRM that I always use ie autoresponder and live chat.

Autoresponder is a collection of email lists and other information and we can connect with these prospects or subscribers by follow-up or broadcast email. We can use the landing page without having a website from within the system. If there is a website, we can just place the web form (form) inside the website. This is the autoresponder I use and can list free to try.

Click For Autoresponder

Live chat is very important for us to see who is browsing our website. At the same time, we can reprimand those who are browsing our website. Visitors to the website can also ask questions or inquire about the things that are on our website. You can try using it by contacting me in the live chat corner left of this website.

About Me

Master Aridz is an Internet Marketing enthusiast since 2006. He has been involved with several online business fields. Here’s a little bit about him.

Online name: Master Aridz

Education: Bachelor degree of mechatronics engineering (2000), Master of IT entrepreneurship (2016)

IT courses (certifficate): Web technology course (2006), CMS Joomla! (2010), Advance photography (2015).

Working experience: engineer in semiconductor division since 2000. Working companies, Motorola Semiconductor, Unisem, StatsChipPAC, Omega semiconductor, Texas Instrument and Freescale Semiconductor.





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