If you ask me, since 2006, I’m online, what is the most important tool for Internet Marketing? I don’t have to think long and to say “We need an autoresponder to succeed online business”. Customer database, email list, prospect list is synonymous with Autoresponder.

Many people know but do not implement it. As a result, their promotional patterns between the present and the next two years have not changed much. They are still in the notch long without any increase in confidence. Many do not use autoresponder as they have to pay. They are afraid to issue capital for the autoresponder. It would be harm if they did not use an autoresponder from now on. It is the tool no 1 for Internet Marketing.

There are several types of Autoresponder. What we usually use is Aweber, Mailchimps, Getresponse, Incontact and TrafficWave. However, there are advantages in TrafficWave that made me move from Aweber in 2007-2008 to TrafficWave in 2009. I just use Aweber for 2 years just because it feels the burden of increasing fees when subscribers increase.

Among the advantages of TrafficWave.

– Fixed monthly fee

– Unlimited campaign and email

– Effective email sent

– Emails are not sent to promotion at gmail

– Any affiliate that we can for free or make income

– 30-day free registration without credit card (Click here to try TrafficWave)

– There are statistics for the effectiveness of the delivered autoresponder email (new feature).


AutoResponder is a service that collects customer data, followers or people interested in our products or programs. They are keen to get more information directly from us regarding our products / business.

If you have an online business, it’s a loss if you do not collect your customer list. . Do not waste time, collect your list of followers / customers from now on. What you need is to set up a capture page where customers will enter their name and email if they are interested in what you have to offer. For example, if you sell beauty products, you can share a free ebook about beauty tips and the benefits of the products you sell.

This autoresponder will help automate your business. Imagine a robot that can collect the name and email of prospects interested in your product. After that, this robot will connect with your prospects one by one in the interval you want – maybe every day, maybe once a week (you’ll love it). You just need to set several emails, then let it work forever. Imagine from these 1000 prospects, every week you can get 30 buyers, is not there a month for 120 buyers? It’s important: you only need to set it once, profit it many times!

Setting here means you only need to write letters / email letters about your product / business to send to your subscribers / subscribers. Tell the benefits of your product, what are the benefits / benefits and how your product / service can help your customers troubleshoot their problems. Not only that, we can also send the information in the form of email to them directly or on a regular basis (scheduled). Customers will buy only once they are confident with your product / business.

Many I found peopl want to succeed online business but do not do what people do. They just start and take a long time to earn money on the Internet. If their spirit is not strong, it must be fading in the middle of the road.

Use Autoresponder!

Use Autoresponder!

Use Autoresponder!

That’s what I want to emphasize if you want to succeed online business. Why need to scratch your head. Ebook already exists, video tutorials already exist, what to do just follow. Sign up for an instant 30-day free Autoresponder TrafficWave:

Click to list the TrafficWave Autoresponder

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