When we want to do something, there is definitely a solid reason we do it. If there is no strong and acceptable reason, perhaps the thing we do is worthless. So why are we learning to build a website using WordPress?

These are eight reasons why we learn to build a website using CMS WordPress.

1.Wordpress is CMS no 1 in the world. It addresses many other CMSs such as blogspot, joomla and drupal. By using Google Trend, we can see this WordPress CMS usage chart which outperforms the current position.

2.Additional templates or themes are available with WordPress. This theme is based on the purpose and theme of our website. Various free themes meet the requirements. There is also a premium theme that we can get with a bit of capital to increase our website series.

3.Plugin which exceeds the number of 20 thousands. A wide selection of plugins and widgets we can use for our website. Of course, we do not use it all but with these options, it makes our website easier and fulfilling the requirements. Of course we need to carefully choose the plugins for a specific task.

4.Wordpress is very easy to use content management system (CMS). Surely the advantages of “user friendly” are the top priority. With these simple and unobtrusive steps, the experience of building a website is not a headache. With enough training, we would definitely love to build more websites with WordPress.

5.eCommerce website can be easily built using woocommerce. This is the advantage of WordPress that is the choice of most Internet users. Of course, something that seems impossible at some point, is now easily built by someone without IT knowledge. Importantly, there is an interest in learning and practical for WordPress. Bring real business and sales!

6. Easily update the latest version in WordPress. If other CMS, it can not be done because the latest version is not the same as the previous version. The theme or plugin does not match the latest version. However, it does not happen in WordPress. We can upgrade the wordpress version without any inconvenience on existing themes or plugins.

7. Responsive design that makes the display look good on the mobile phone. We can not deny 70% of people now browsing the Internet with smart phones. Therefore, responsive design is needed and is easy to use in WordPress. Most WordPress themes are already built-in responsive.

8.SEO is a very important thing in website development. It is regarding the ranking of a website in the Google search engine. With WordPress, we are easy to put a “rocket engine” SEO. With the available plugins available and the keyword cheat keywords on our website are very easy with WordPress.

That’s what WordPress’s advantages compared to other CMS. Let use WordPress!

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